Interaction Patterns and Seating Arrangements

How should you sit and pair or group learners for the best learning results? How can you change up the classroom to keep the learners engaged and on task? How does the classroom management change with different activity types? These questions are essential for creating a student-centered learning environment. This post is best viewed while listening … Read more

THE Podcast is new and improved!

The Definitive Article Podcast with Jimmy & Dave is back and better than ever! We are aiming to bring our tools and advice to every ESL teacher. Both Dave and I (Jimmy) have a couple decades of experience with young learners and academic management, so that is where our focus will remain. The same great content will … Read more

Clocking In for Season 3

The EFers podcast is back!

After a little hiatus we are on track for a great season 3 of the EFers podcast. A massive thank you goes out to all of our listeners and especially for the inquiries about more episodes.

We continue on our goal to give you quality academic ESL content that will help you and your team improve your contribution to the ESL universe.
Our first episode for Season 3 is a little controversial – Should teachers be require to clock in? Listen in to our heated debate as friendships are tested and limits crossed. Special guests Emily, Janes and Ferdi also return to bring some calm to the storm. Enjoy!

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EFers Podcast – Christmas!


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

The silly season can be stressful at home and it can be doubly stressful in a foreign country. We know it because we have experienced it.

Our experiences during Christmas provide valuable insight on how to overcome the holiday blues.

Jimmy, Dave, Nikka and Celesté in celebrating Christmas!



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