Month: March 2016

Definitive Article

Being Ill in China

When you’re ill in your home country, you know the drill. You know the medicines you need, where to get them and even if you need to get the doctor or hospital to check you out. You know the medicines that are a waste of time and money and you know how to get these…
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Using psychology in class

Being a teacher may seem like an easy task, a task that some may find frightening while others find joyful. I can understand why some people become frightened. I was one of those people. One of those people, daunted by the fact I had to jump into a classroom with a bunch of 3 year…
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What it takes to be a teacher

What it takes to be a teacher   Back home in South Africa there are some stigmas that you’re only a teacher because you want four holidays a year and that you only work half days. Since being in China I realized there are different stigmas doing its rounds here. Teaching is an easy way…
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China and the familiar

So after one month of being in China I think I am getting used to how they do things… until I cross the road. Even though the green man is on cars and rickshaws are still coming at me. Maybe if I stare them down they’ll stop? Ok So things in China are really different…
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First teacher MPW yesterday

Yesterday in CD5 saw the first successful mini parent workshops by teachers. The first parent workshop was done by Amy and she chose the topic “How I Teach Phonics”. Amy introduced the parents to five stages of phonics learning, and the different skills needed to be a successful phonics learner. She finished up by showing the parents how we…
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