First teacher MPW yesterday

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First teacher MPW yesterday

Yesterday in CD5 saw the first successful mini parent workshops by teachers.

The first parent workshop was done by Amy and she chose the topic “How I Teach Phonics”. Amy introduced the parents to five stages of phonics learning, and the different skills needed to be a successful phonics learner. She finished up by showing the parents how we teach phonics in small stars lessons, and some resources available online to help at home.


Bryce also chose to support the parents by showing them “Using English Outside the Classroom”. First reviewing the Efekta system and essential conditions for learning languages, then going in depth to show them how to order food at places like Peter’s Tex Mex, online websites and even a taobao shop with books specifically for young learners.


With the first MPW by teachers kicked off in CD5 we look forward to more workshops by teachers, building the relationship between teachers and parents, and increasing parent satisfaction and trust. Have you got a MPW topic in mind? Want to talk with your parents about a topic that interests you?

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