China and the familiar

So after one month of being in China I think I am getting used to how they do things… until I cross the road. Even though the green man is on cars and rickshaws are still coming at me. Maybe if I stare them down they’ll stop?
Ok So things in China are really different to the UK. Rickshaws can drive on the opposite side of the road and smoking occurs everywhere, for a non-smoker this is really hard to get used to. Just when I think I’m coping with these things something pops up and I go back to square one. I keep telling myself I’ve only been here 1 month and it’s all right. I am starting to feel a little home sick for the really weird things, like being able to cross the road without on coming cars. Although the food is my saviour! I am allergic to cow’s milk and a bit iffy with wheat, so when I’m in a restaurant or even at a food vendor on the street I find that I can eat most if not all the foods they are offering. I’ve even found that a lot of their noodles are not made with wheat, and if they are I’m not affected in the same way as back home which is amazing, although I do miss fish fingers.

I have to keep reminding myself that i’m not on holiday, I am in fact here to live and work. It’s easy to forget when you are visiting the panda sanctuary and exploring temples on your days off. Especially because everything is so new to you, the sights and smells and the people make it exciting and you feel as if you are on a gap year with all your mates. Being so far away from familiarity is daunting but if you find something that you can make familiar like the same route to work everyday, or the same supermarket or even getting your nails done at the same place at the same time every 3 weeks, you will find that you will slowly adapt. At least that’s worked for me. I love to explore and find new ways of doing things, but in a completely different world, it’s really nice to have something familiar to keep you plodding along. For me it’s Starbucks!

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