Podcast – Development

This week Dave & Jimmy discuss development with Senior DOS Alon.

Do you want to know how to accelerate your development? Do you feel under developed and do the same thing every day? We have the perfect advice for you.

This podcast covers.

  • The EF Career Ladder.
  • How to develop others.
  • EF systems to support development.
  • The Self-Developing Mindset.
  • Qualifications that support teacher development.
  • How to set realistic goals with your manager.
  • Push to the top.
  • Share your success.

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Teacher Ingenuity: Phonics Music Video

ESL Teachers are creative creatures. Amy in CD5 has created a music video combining the phonics song that our students love so much, and the actions created for the Small Stars product to add TPR to the phonemic sounds and aid memory.

It always amazes me the ingenuity and creativity that our EF teachers embody. ESL teachers are always taking on new projects to enhance the learning experience, teaching experience or customer experience.

Our students can now dance an EF dance and listen to a song that will teach them some simple phonemes for letters A-L. Our parents now have access to physical cues they can use to help their child read, and our PA’s along with the Teachers have a cool video to warm up the learners. You can download the full 720p video here.

Amy is planning the choreography for M-Z, which we look forward to seeing in the next few weeks.

Podcast – Rocking Open Doors

Have you got an Open Door coming up? Are you nervous when it comes to Open Doors? Are you an Open Door virgin? In this Episode of EFers Dave and Jimmy talk with Gianluigi and Nikka on best Open Door practices that got them the title of “Rocking Open Door” Champions country-wide. From planning, to nerves, … Read more