6 Things You Missed About EF Resources

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6 Things You Missed About EF Resources

We all know about Athena, ODIN and qualifications available through EF, but there are some resources you might not have known about that your favourite education establishment provides.

1. Chinese Town
Did you know that EF provides free Chinese learning to all of its staff? That’s right, you can head down to www.chinesetownef.com and use your EF E-mail to sign up and book free language lessons online. They have lessons every Monday through Friday that fit your level.




2. Activity Bank
Need more games and activities to use in class? Feel shy because you asked your mentor and Senior Teacher three weeks in a row? With the Activity Bank on Athena you have a plethora of activities and games at your disposal. Within you will find almost 100 games and activities you can begin using in your lessons today. You need to use the old version of Athena, but it is well worth it. Just enter this address in your internet explorer: G:\PM\Athena.html on a mako computer.

Old Activity Bank



3. Outlook Calendar
If you have worked in an office before you will know this one, but since most ESL teachers are on the younger end of the spectrum I thought it would be good to add this one to the list. Using your EF E-mail you can start working on your own ‘time-management’. With the Outlook calendar you can set your classes as repeating every week or bi-weekly (fortnightly) and schedule yourself for that serious lesson planning time every teacher desperately needs to get their lesson plans out of the way. Schedule your tasks, and stay on track. You will never spend a Friday frantically doing Lesson Plans again!



4. Old HF Flash Cards
This might be a little controversial soon as the PM folder might be up for deletion soon with Athena 2.0 paving the way of future technology, but for now you can jump on in and find 500 odd flashcards as extra materials for use digitally (or physical if you’re at an older center). They are great for stealing and putting into your PPT. Just don’t hit Ctrl-P or you will regret it, please discuss with an IT Professional if you want to print.



5. The Syllabus! Guides and References
There are so many resources available to the discerning SS/HF/TB/FR teacher it can be hard to keep up with all the available materials. Hidden inside the ‘Guides and References’ icon in each SS/HF/TB/FR in Athena you can find the Syllabus – where you can look up the unit overviews, vocabulary, grammatical structures, forms and functions for every part of the EF curriculum. Additionally there are some fantastic Self-Access learning systems and guidelines to help you better understand the product you work with every day. Literally almost everything you need to know about the course.

Guides and References



6. Practice & Play access through ODIN
Old hands will know this one, but it never hurts to add to lists like this one. Did you know you can access your groups Online activities in ODIN? It’s a little text link at the top right of the Group Page. Only teachers have access to this, so your PA might get a little jealous.



Were there any you didn’t know before? Want another list of things you might have missed? Comment below or share on Wechat and Facebook.

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