Podcast – Quick Fire Questions Part 2

We continue our ultimate test of four experienced EF teachers. Mark, Jessie, Dustin and Callum are on on the panel. We ask them the tough questions that all of us ask ourselves everyday. Our panel of teachers discuss, debate and share ideas on the best practices.

In this conclusion we cover;

  1. How do you open a new small stars blue? (3 year old group)
  2. How do you encourage a shy student?
  3. How do you deal with a group that gives silly answers like “poo poo” for every question?
  4. What do you do when the IWB doesn’t work?

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If you’re looking for Part 1 find it here.




Dave and Jimmy started the EFers podcast designed for EF Chengdu and the wider EF communities around China in February 2016. Our podcasts are created to give an EF teacher tools and insight into everyday life inside and outside of our centres. Our topics range from EFEKTA tasks, teaching techniques, product development and everyday life for expats living in China.

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