Month: May 2016

Definitive Article

6 Things You Missed About EF Resources

Here are 6 resources you might not have known that your favourite education establishment provides.

The Help of Technology

Want to find an easy way to adapt to China? Have a look at some of these app to make y]our transition easier.

Podcast – The 6 Stages of PTMs

Do you know what to say during a PTM?
Do your PTMs run over-time?
Do you have to sit and wait while Parent and PA speak in their local language?
Do you know what the parents are waiting for?
Have you thought about goals for each learner and how to get there?

Check out our latest Podcast on The 6 Stages of PTMs to find out.

Say what?

Hi there again. It’s me Celest√©, ADoS of CD1. I just want to tell you all about our month of April. At ¬†CD1 our monthly calendar was filled with OD’s, PTM’s, AC’s and lots of Efekta events. Our DoS and CM had a podcast style chat with all our SS, HF, TB and FR parents…
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