6 Things You Missed About IWB Troubleshooting

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6 Things You Missed About IWB Troubleshooting

The TroubleshooterSo you get into the classroom and your lesson is about to start. The students are happy to see you, eagerly awaiting your divine knowledge and superior teaching skills … and the Hiteboard isn’t working. Bugger! “Most of my lesson plan is based on using the IWB!” Now this is a pickle that we have all lived through (good times and bad), but have no fear – the troubleshooter is here. *peow peow*

Here are 6 tips for troubleshooting the IWB that denies your compassion and understanding. With these tools in your pocket, 99% of your IWB woes will evaporate on a light summers breeze.


*Note: You can click on the images to see full size.


1. The dreaded wiggles


No I’m not talking about the acclaimed Australian children’s music group from the 90’s that has won 18 music awards and were inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Associate Hall of Fame in 2011. I’m talking about any touch input being interpreted as a fast moving, pulsating, mess of chaotic – and possibly demonic – possession.


Cause: Multiple accounts logged into the computer with Hiteboard open.
Solution: Restart the computer.

Unfortunately the only cure for this spasming display is a restart. For some reason when more than one account is logged in and has the Hiteboard software open, the ‘sleeping‘ account in the background also wants to accept the input – hence the dual personality.



2. Stuck pointer

You touch and drag and swipe and knock and claw and two finger and four finger and one finger and the pointer wiggles a little but refuses to move. Basically you’ve got yourself a dirty board, grab a tissue and you’ll be fine.

Cause: Dust.
Solution: Clean the edges of the IWB (The infrared scanners) with some tissue.

Secondary Cause: Hair in your mouse.
Secondary Solution: Blow in your mouse.


3. Return to sender

This one is annoying as a small stone hidden in your shoe, refuses to exit your footwear regardless of how hard you shake. You drag something across the screen, but within a second or two the mouse pointer magically returns to the original position.

Cause: Unknown, however I guess it has something to do with Windows and Hiteboard software both requesting input from the IWB.
Solution: Turn off either the Hiteboard input or Windows input (I prefer turning off windows input myself), and turn of multiple input while you’re at it.












4. Nothing

IMG_4969Similar to #2, but the mouse won’t even budge a little. Apart from the possibility that the mouse is sitting in a precarious position, it could be that your clever students have unplugged the IWB – you can check if the IWB icon at the bottom has a green plus (connected) or a red minus (not connected)

Cause: IWB not connected.
Solution: Plug that baby in the IWB, and at the rear of the PC.



5. The Void

The symptoms of the void should not be confused with other IWB issues, this is a serious malfunction of the sensor equipment. Basically it manifests as a square on the IWB which will accept no input whatsoever. After checking out #2 and cleaning the sensors, this can be tested by opening up the Hiteboard paint program and drawing lines across the screen. Like black holes we can only see the void by the visible bending of light passing near the vent horizon, here you will see your lines stopping abruptly and if you keep scribbling an eventual square, rectangle or even half the screen will show no colour.

Cause: Infrared sensors have perished in the name of education.
Solution: Call the IT guy. This IWB is bound of the repair shop.


6. Fiddle

Here are some settings that I fiddle with when my IWB is not cooperating, 99% of the time one of these resolves whatever situation I’m having. And turn off Flicks!

IMG_4975 IMG_4977IMG_4976IMG_4971IMG_4972

None of the above worked

Welcome to the 1% club. Most of the IWB issues can be resolved by playing with the windows input (flicks) settings and the Hiteboard settings. If you’ve tried everything in this list and your IWB still isn’t working you will need to buy your nearest computer geek a starbucks (or owe them one). Failing that, it’s time to call the IT guy.

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