Being a General Center Manager and a Production Manager at EF.

Do you want to know what it like to be a general center manager or production manager in EF? Have you ever thought about what their relationship is like to each other and to Shanghai HO? 

We chat with Alicia the General Centre Manager and Shannon and Production Manager at EF Chengdu. In the discussion we talk about their reponsiblities, how they are developing and what it takes to manage the biggest EF franchiase in China. 

  1. How did your past life help you for the job you’ve got now?
  2. What was it like changing from small business to big business?
  3. How are you both developing in your roles?
  4. How does the fast pace of education advancement effect you?
  5. How does Shanghai support your development?
  6. How do you handle conflict?
  7. How do you balance doing two roles: regional manager and in-center manager?
  8. How involved is (Phil) the investor?
  9. What have been your professional challenges at EF?
  10. What have been your highlights?
  11. What advice would you have for a new teacher/Director of Studies?
  12. What is the future of EF Chengdu?

It’s a big one!!!

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Dave and Jimmy started the EFers podcast designed for EF Chengdu and the wider EF communities around China in February 2016. Our podcasts are created to give an EF teacher tools and insight into everyday life inside and outside of our centres. Our topics range from EFEKTA tasks, teaching techniques, product development and everyday life for expats living in China.

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