Season 1 Finale – Teacher Fights Part 1

It’s part 1 of the season 1 finale of the Efer’s podcast and we are celebrating it by having teacher fights. We have invited three teams of teachers to debate and argue over a variety of ESL questions ranging from “Which classroom management technique is the best?” to “What is the best flashcards for beginners?”. Team 1 is Mark and Jessie, Team 2 is Merrium and Wouter and Team 3 is Bryce and Megan. Who is going to outwit who? Who will be Victorious? Listen to find out!



  1. Most effective flash card game for beginners
  2. How much L1 (Chinese should be spoken in class
  3. What is the best classroom management technique
  4. How do you engage students that don’t want to learn
  5. Best example of a communicative activity
  6. WHat’s the one piece of advice you’d give a new teacher

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Dave and Jimmy started the EFers podcast designed for EF Chengdu and the wider EF communities around China in February 2016. Our podcasts are created to give an EF teacher tools and insight into everyday life inside and outside of our centres. Our topics range from EFEKTA tasks, teaching techniques, product development and everyday life for expats living in China.

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