Month: July 2016

Definitive Article

6 Things You Missed About Teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics

RWOP is a classic course that has always been popular among students, parents and teachers. But not everything about the course and resources are known by our academic staff. Here are 6 things you missed about teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics.

Summer Course survival guide!

Summer course: lots of kids, lots of classes and tonnes of coffee. 8 weeks of full teaching days with only 1 day off. You think it’s impossible… nah just a bit hard and funny and glorious and crazy. Your school will be filled with lots more kids from 10am and even more teaching assistants. It…
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Incidental and Implicit Language – Use in the Classroom

So I noticed a thing. Learning a language is a long hard road, and for most of us the initial challenge is opening our mouths to speak. I was learning Chinese for a long while before I had the courage to open my mouth and utter a full sentence. Previously I had been using short…
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