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22 Qualities of Great Teachers

The struggle to be a great teacher is constant. Anyone that says they are the best teacher has flaming trousers. We need to study continually, cramming in more activities and strategies to our repertoire. Refining our favourite activity to encompass more – or different – cognitive skills. How do we get better as teachers? By focusing on…
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Tips to help you keep calm in the class room.

If you teach small stars or high flyers sometimes the kids can be loud or hyper. It can be like this at the start of the class or after a game you played. It can be one kid or the whole class. Sometimes you want to shout at them but you know you can’t. You…
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Incidental and Implicit Language – Use in the Classroom

So I noticed a thing. Learning a language is a long hard road, and for most of us the initial challenge is opening our mouths to speak. I was learning Chinese for a long while before I had the courage to open my mouth and utter a full sentence. Previously I had been using short…
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The Social Laugh

I noticed during the National Conference that the majority of presenters who came from teaching background used a lot of humour intermittent throughout their presentations and this got me thinking about teachers using humour in the classroom.

Intrinsic Phonological Awareness

In a a study of 38 preschool children (3 and 4 years old) a set of phonological awareness tasks were assessed three times over the course of a year. The tasks used were rhyme and alliteration matching tasks with distractor items that were either semantically or phonologically related to the target. In both tasks, the children found the distractors matched for phonological similarity more difficult to reject than the semantically related distractors or the unrelated distractors.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Learner Acquisition of Language in the Classroom

In this article we explore Bloom’s Taxonomy (How much do you ‘know’ something) and how it relates to learner acquisition of language (kids learning language)