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Things I learned after meeting our global president.

All the schools were in action this past week preparing for a very special man, Jacob Toren, our EF kids and teens global president was coming to visit. He was visiting our schools in Chengdu and all the higher ups were on edge and dashing around all the centres making sure everything was above par.…
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Amy’s Phonics Song: M-Z

CD5 with the help of Amy has completed the Phonics video for M-Z! Big recognition to everyone that starred in the short film. Watch it on youku or download it here. Check out the first A-L Phonics Song here.

The Help of Technology

Want to find an easy way to adapt to China? Have a look at some of these app to make y]our transition easier.

Teacher Ingenuity: Phonics Music Video

ESL Teachers are creative creatures. Amy in CD5 has created a music video combining the phonics song that our students love so much, and the actions created for the Small Stars product to add TPR to the phonemic sounds and aid memory. It always amazes me the ingenuity and creativity that our EF teachers embody. ESL teachers are…
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