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Dealing with your First SSBlue class

Okay so i’m almost 2 months into teaching and I’m pretty confident about walking into a new SS class. I have a few and I feel like i’m getting on really well with the kids and that they like me. So when my DOS said, you have a new SSBlue on Monday, I thought ‘Fantastic!…
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Podcast – Rocking Open Doors

Have you got an Open Door coming up? Are you nervous when it comes to Open Doors?¬†Are you an Open Door virgin? In this Episode of EFers Dave and Jimmy talk with Gianluigi and Nikka on best Open Door practices that got them the title of “Rocking Open Door” Champions country-wide. From planning, to nerves,…
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Using psychology in class

Being a teacher may seem like an easy task, a task that some may find frightening while others find joyful. I can understand why some people become frightened. I was one of those people. One of those people, daunted by the fact I had to jump into a classroom with a bunch of 3 year…
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What it takes to be a teacher

What it takes to be a teacher   Back home in South Africa there are some stigmas that you’re only a teacher because you want four holidays a year and that you only work half days. Since being in China I realized there are different stigmas doing its rounds here. Teaching is an easy way…
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