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6 Things You Missed About Teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics

RWOP is a classic course that has always been popular among students, parents and teachers. But not everything about the course and resources are known by our academic staff. Here are 6 things you missed about teaching Roddy’s World of Phonics.

6 Things You Missed About IWB Troubleshooting

My IWB isn’t working, can someone come and fix it? Can I change classroom, my IWB is broken …
We have all said these words and wasted 10 minutes of a lesson, frequently.
Let’s take fate into our own hands! Empower yourself!

Here are 6 Things You Missed About Getting Those Gremlins Out of Your IWB – Hiteboard & Projector Edition.

6 Things You Missed About EF Resources

Here are 6 resources you might not have known that your favourite education establishment provides.