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6 Things You Missed About IWB Troubleshooting

My IWB isn’t working, can someone come and fix it? Can I change classroom, my IWB is broken …
We have all said these words and wasted 10 minutes of a lesson, frequently.
Let’s take fate into our own hands! Empower yourself!

Here are 6 Things You Missed About Getting Those Gremlins Out of Your IWB – Hiteboard & Projector Edition.

Teaching with an Accent

We discuss how to neutralize an accent, which accents are better and how accents can effect working with local staff.

High Flyer Lesson Planning

Are you struggling with High Flyer lesson planning? Is it taking you too long? This is the podcast for you.

My First Demo

So your DOS tells you that you’re ready to start doing small star demos, brilliant! So excited! You observe a lot of your colleagues doing demos on a daily basis so why not you? You watch a few and write up a lesson plan, you sit down with your DOS to explain what you’re going…
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Being a couple at EF

Are you a couple who are thinking about coming over to China? Do you want to know how will be for the both of you working in an ESL organisation? In this podcast we invite Grace, Daniel, Bryce and Megan on to talk about life in China as couples.

The Social Laugh

I noticed during the National Conference that the majority of presenters who came from teaching background used a lot of humour intermittent throughout their presentations and this got me thinking about teachers using humour in the classroom.

Intrinsic Phonological Awareness

In a a study of 38 preschool children (3 and 4 years old) a set of phonological awareness tasks were assessed three times over the course of a year. The tasks used were rhyme and alliteration matching tasks with distractor items that were either semantically or phonologically related to the target. In both tasks, the children found the distractors matched for phonological similarity more difficult to reject than the semantically related distractors or the unrelated distractors.

Learning Mandarin

You’re moving to China? Fantastic! Now get those language books out! Learning any type of anything new is tricky. At any age. Do you remember that first piano lesson or the first time you were told the rules to football (soccer) or 21’s (pontoon/ blackjack)? Remember that feeling that you weren’t getting anywhere, all you…
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Podcast – Quick Fire Questions Part 2

Here is the conclusion of our quick fire questions to four experienced EF teachers. Listen to their discussion, debate and ideas on how to deal with everyday situations.

Bloom’s Taxonomy: Learner Acquisition of Language in the Classroom

In this article we explore Bloom’s Taxonomy (How much do you ‘know’ something) and how it relates to learner acquisition of language (kids learning language)